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Physical Therapy Wasilla

Physical Therapy in Wasilla for Neck Pain

When it comes to neck pain treatments, physical therapy is one of the most common treatments. The goal of physical therapy as neck pain treatment is to reduce pain and stiffness, develop strategies to prevent pain from reoccurring, improve range of motion and strengthen the neck and the supporting muscles around the neck. Depending on the severity of the pain and the individual, specific exercises and methods of treatments can vary from person to person. 


Here are some examples of exercises your physical therapist might suggest for neck pain treatment:


Neck and Shoulder Rolls

This is a simple exercise that you can use as a warmup stretch. For neck rolls, just simply stand upright with your shoulder blades relaxed and gently dip your head up and down, and side to side, holding each stretch for several breaths. For shoulder rolls, again standing upright with arms by your side, gently roll your shoulders forward and backward, relaxing briefly between rolls.


Wall Pushups

This is like doing a regular pushup. The only difference is, you are standing up and doing your pushup against the wall. This will help strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles without causing as much stress as a normal pushup. 


Pectoral Stretch

Stand in between a doorway with your hands placed on each side of the doorway in a goal post position. Gently walk forward until you feel a gentle stretch in front of your shoulder. 


Working with a physical therapist for neck pain treatment is a great way toward recovery. If you are in need of physical therapy in Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Eagle River, contact Front Line Physical Therapy. Here at Front Line Physical Therapy, we are passionate about helping people. When it comes to physical therapy in Southcentral Alaska, you won’t find a better staff that is more dedicated to providing you with quality care to get you the results you want. Contact us today to book your appointment or to learn more!

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