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Radiculopathy Treatment

Radiculopathy Treatment and Pain Management in Anchorage

Radiculopathy refers to a painful condition that occurs when one or more nerves that are surrounding the spine have become compressed. Depending on the location of the pinched nerve, pain can occur anywhere in the neck, back, legs or arms. 


So, how can you tell if you have radiculopathy and what are different types of radiculopathy treatments?


Different spine conditions can all lead to radiculopathy, which include scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, bone spurs, etc. The pain can be described as a weakness, numbness or pain that starts off in the location of the pinched nerve with the potential of spreading out to the legs and arms. To be exactly sure if you have radiculopathy and need radiculopathy treatment, it is best to consult with a physical therapist or physician for an accurate evaluation. 


When your physical therapist or physician has a clear understanding of your symptoms and the location of the pinch nerves, they will be able to recommend the right course of action. There are a variety of radiculopathy treatments which include physical therapy, spinal injections, medications or spinal adjustments. 


Front Line Physical Therapy, LLC offers spinal adjustments from Anchorage to Wasilla and Palmer that can help relieve the symptoms of radiculopathy. For example, if you are suffering from cervical radiculopathy, you can come into Front Line Physical Therapy, LLC for subtle adjustments to the cervical spine. Our spinal adjustments can shift bones or herniated discs away from the nerve tissue, which can treat the underlying cause of your radiculopathy by restoring the normal flow of nerve signals.


We also offer physical therapy which can help with pain management for those in Anchorage, Sutton and other nearby areas. Physical therapy is often the preferred choice when it comes to radiculopathy treatments. When you choose Front Line Physical Therapy, LLC, your physical therapist will work with you to create a radiculopathy treatment program that will help relieve your symptoms and speed up your recovery. Your treatment program can include range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, functional training, manual therapy, etc. 


Whether you are in need of spinal adjustments near Sutton or pain management near Anchorage to help with your radiculopathy, we are here to help. Our  therapists will come to your home in Anchorage, Wasilla, or Palmer. Here at Front Line Physical Therapy, LLC, we are dedicated to providing the best quality of care for our clients.

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